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Badger Watching Production Blog: Meet the Team

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Work has begun on this brand new project, a podcast about two siblings going for walks during lockdown in September 2020. First and foremost, an introduction to our tiny team. (Tiny because there's not many of us. We are all standard human sizes.)

Shey Hargreaves

Writer & actor

Shey is a scriptwriter, editor and performer based in Norwich. This is her website so there's plenty about her on it already. The idea for Badger Watching was born from a desire to create new work that reflects the times we live in and provides quality listening for audiences looking for a new podcast, and from the fact that she hasn't seen her own brother for over two years due to the pandemic.

Click on the relevant words for more info on Shey's editing and proofreading services.

Ed Yelland


Ed studied Drama at the University of East Anglia. He has since appeared in A Super Happy Story About Feeling Super Sad, Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho which toured internationally and Margaret Thatcher Queen of Gameshows. Other recent credits include Petruchio in Taming of the Shrew (Quite Right Theatre), Lovecraft (Kings Head Theatre) and Half (Southwark Playhouse).

Bill Vine

Sound Engineer

Bill is an experimental composer, performer, improviser, audio/visual artist and instrument builder. His work often explores the nature of audience engagement, performance practice and the re-use of purpose-built electronic musical instruments in experimental music. Bill is lead artist/artistic director for both [UNIT] and Flux:Intermedia. He holds a PhD in experimental music composition from the University of East Anglia, completed in 2015.

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