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Location scouting: Hickling Broad

We knew we wanted to record an episode of Badger Watching at one of the Norfolk broads, but we weren't sure which one would suit us best. Well, it turns out Hickling Broad is perfect. The broad forms part of a nature reserve packed full of waterways, footpaths and bird life where you can happily wander for hours surrounded by whispering reeds and big skies. Once again, the scouting party consisted of Shey and her family. The children loved it so much they all had screaming meltdowns when it was time to leave. If that's not a five star review, we don't know what is.

The moody view over Hickling Broad from one of the hides (three small children = not hugely welcome in birdwatching hides it turns out but we were tolerated)

Stumbled upon a family of swans hanging out atop a huge pile of their own droppings. Stay classy.

Thought it was a marsh harrier but turned out to be a crow. Always the way.

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