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Recording at Cley marshes

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We set off for the village of Cley on the North Norfolk coast at the weekend to record Episode 6 of Badger Watching with joy in our hearts, because as well as having vast expanses of wildlife-rich, stunningly beautiful marshland on its doorstep, Cley also boasts several exceptional snack venues. Namely, Cley Smokehouse and the Picnic Fayre deli. In case you're interested, Ed bought a pie and Shey bought some fancy crackers for fancy cheese. Bill didn't go in because he was attached to the boom arm and was concerned he might take out an entire shelf of pickles if he turned around in there. We took the footpath from the village that leads past the windmill, now a B&B and wedding venue, and down onto the marshes. As we arrived, and the huge tracts of wetland spread out before us, the sky suddenly filled with geese, honking away and trying to organise themselves into arrow formations. We don't know if they were leaving for the winter or just nipping down the road to Cromer, but it was impressive.

Look at all that lovely marsh.

Cley Windmill. I'm sure I have a tea towel somewhere with this image on it.

Evening light, marshes, pretty Norfolk village, colleagues looking adventurous.

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