Creative Writing Workshops

Story workshops for primary school students: a focus on the craft of creative writing and on finding inspiration.

Screenwriting workshops for secondary and A-Level students: an introduction to the craft of writing screenplays.


Cross-Curricular Workshops

Workshops for primary and secondary school students using creative writing and storytelling to explore core curriculum subjects including Maths and Science. These workshops can be tailored to the school's specific needs.


‘I liked the story-writing because I think we all let our imagination go absolutely wild’ - Year 6 student


‘I really enjoyed the way we sat and made up a story together’

- Year 5 student


‘I enjoyed how we planned a story because everyone got to say their ideas and if the story got published, I would buy it.’

- Year 6 student


'The students can all take part and contribute

to class discussion, and the games promote 

good writing skills.'

- Year 5 & 6 class teacher