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I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders, and completed an editor training course with them in 2023. I provide professional copyediting and proofreading services for the following types of manuscripts:

- Books (fiction and non-fiction)

- Scripts (film, TV, theatre, radio, podcasts, graphic novels)

- Academic papers (subject dependent)

- Reports

- Articles 

- Blogs and web content 

- Information leaflets and other marketing materials. 


I offer a supportive, consistent and thorough approach to editing. I will focus on the structure, flow, and central ideas of a piece of writing. I can work closely with you if required to address any issues with content, including length; or I can get the job done solo if that works best for you. I am able to assist with meeting word limits and making necessary cuts.


I also offer a line-editing service for works of fiction, which consists of a more in-depth look at the piece and includes work on character dynamics and dialogue. 

For a full quote, please contact me and tell me more about your project. I'd like to know the type of manuscript, its intended audience, an approximate word count, and any relevant deadlines.







Radio and television writer (Dead Ringers, The Now Show)

"In my career as a comedy writer, I have shared multiple narrative scripts with Shey over the years, and always welcome the honest, enthusiastic, detailed feedback I receive. Shey has got a brilliant feel for character and structure in particular, and these script notes have been incredibly valuable in improving my work. Despite the varied formats these narrative scripts have taken (both TV and radio sitcom, comedy drama, short film, theatre and more), Shey is always on hand to provide carefully considered, critical responses, with a keen eye for individual errors, as well as larger tonal inconsistencies and potential structural improvements. I truly couldn't rate Shey any higher!"


Illustrator and graphic novelist (Open Day, Tundra)

"I had a long form graphic novel proposal I wanted to send to potential publishers and agents. I was happy with the story but my grammar, spelling, and general structuring have always been something I need another set of eyes on! Shey was absolutely fantastic at going through the whole thing with me in such fine detail, flagging areas that could be changed, and making the whole proposal read so much more smoothly and with the perfect balance of tone between formal and accessible. I absolutely recommend Shey for all your etymological and copy-related needs."

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