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Final recording session - Buckenham Marshes

Hello! We have been quiet for a while due to unforeseen circumstances but now we are back, and we have just finished our final recording session - Episode 7, which takes place at Buckenham Marshes Nature Reserve. This area is about 8 miles from Norwich and it is a very special place. It's a wide wild wetland teeming with bird life - and it was one group of birds in particular we came to record.

Throughout the winter, around forty thousand rooks and jackdaws fly here to roost at sundown. This episode, Alice and Andy go out to look for them. Shey has previously been on a guided walk with Mark Cocker, author of Crow Country, to see the birds coming in to roost, and now it was her turn to share this incredible sight with Ed and Bill. As the sun set and the light grew poorer, only a few birds were visible flying in small groups across the marsh. Understandably, Ed and Bill started to wonder if it was going to happen. But. It did. We wholeheartedly recommend a visit to this magical place at sundown in the winter months if you fancy seeing the rooks coming in to settle down for the night. It's quite something.

Today marks the end of the recording phase of the podcast; we've had a blast. Stay tuned for updates regarding the release of our first episode.

Bill and his trusty boom pole

The sun sets and the crows start to arrive

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