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Recording at Staverton Thicks

Tucked away just off a leafy Suffolk country road between a pig farm and a collection of fields and new forest is a patch of ancient woodland known as Staverton Thicks. There is no sign that says so, and it's hard to find on Google. Shey first read about it in Sara Maitland's book Gossip from the Forest and has tried to go there on several occasions, but never succeeded in visiting the site until this day: recording day for Episode 4 of Badger Watching. We wandered amongst the giant oaks and massive hollies, climbed fallen trees, chatted to some pigs, and at some point recorded the episode. We recommend a visit to these remarkable woods, if you can find them.

Ancient oaks. Super super old. Really very old indeed.

Like wandering through a fairy tale. This was the spot where we climbed along a fallen tree, and where we chose to shoot the subtitled video for the episode. We also had our lunch here. Shey brought the best sandwich. (Goat's cheese and jalapeno chutney.)

Ed, living his best life in the forest.

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