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Location scouting: Cley marshes

Badger Watching will take place over 8 episodes, with each episode set in a different wild location around Norfolk. In the lead up to recording, Shey has been visiting the locations to check out the geography and the local wildlife. As it's the summer holidays, her family have tagged along. Last week they visited Cley Marshes, a beautiful nature reserve on the North Norfolk coast. This is where we are aiming to record Episode 7 of the podcast. Apparently there are shipwrecks and chalk reefs under the sea in this area but we're not sure how Bill would feel about recording underwater.

A caterpillar spotted near the entrance to the reserve. Efforts were made to prevent the kids from poking it with sticks.

The boardwalks take visitors through thick reed beds over the marshland to several bird hides. If, like Shey's small boys, you have an uncanny ability to spot insects in the undergrowth, you'll have a very busy time meeting dragonflies, butterflies, caterpillars and water snails.

View from one of the bird hides over Cley Marshes.

Examining the results of a little pond-dipping (three water snails and a lump of weeds).

Badger Watching is created in partnership with Norwich Arts Centre, the National Centre for Writing and Creative Arts East, and is funded by Arts Council England.

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